Bien Nacido Vineyard

Location: Santa Maria Valley, California

Bien Nacido Vineyard 

Bien Nacido Vineyard is located in the Santa Maria Valley, one of the coolest climates for growing Pinot Noir in California. The west-to-east orientation of the Santa Ynez Mountains allows the Pacific marine layer to reach further inland and maintain lower average temperatures than surrounding regions. Wines derived from Bien Nacido Vineyard are often defined by this maritime character along with bright red fruit with rose petal aromatics.

For our single-vineyard Pinot Noir, we source grapes from several organically-farmed hillside plantings as well as Block N, one of the original 1972 plantings of Martini clone.

The Miller Family, owners of the vineyard and a fifth-generation California farming family who have owned the property since 1969, are incredibly selective with the wineries that receive fruit from Bien Nacido Vineyard. We began with only 10 rows from Block 7 but have expanded to two acres, thanks to our long-standing relationship.

Santa Maria Valley AVA

The Santa Maria Valley AVA is located in the northern end of Santa Barbara County, where the costal valleys run east-west.

This topography—unique to California—allows ocean breezes to sweep eastward, channeled by the hills and mountains that ring the region. The valley’s foggy days can be attributed to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, too. The oldest appellation in this region of California, Santa Maria Valley is home to vines dating back to the 1800s.

Site and Farming


200-300 feet


Blocks mainly face south

Total Acreage

200 acres (2 Twomey acres)

Slope and Soil

Hillside plantings in chamise clay loam (top of block) and chamise shaly loam (bottom of block)


Fog: Cooler waters from the north sweep down to meet warmer waters from Santa Barbara in the south to create an intense fog

Temperature: Bien Nacido Vineyard has one of the coolest climates in California. Fog doesn’t lift till midday, creating a specific mesoclimate of milder weather and less diurnal range—perfect for slowly ripening Pinot Noir

Wind: Constant and gentle winds sweep eastward, channeled by the hills and mountains

Grower Information

Partner grower


“Every Bien Nacido-designated wine is tasted by the Millers to make sure it meets their standards; occasionally they’ve had to tell a producer it couldn’t put the Bien Nacido name on its label.” — The Wall Street Journal

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