Location: Santa Lucia Highlands, California

Soberanes Vineyard 

One of California’s most sought-after sites for Pinot Noir specialists, Soberanes Vineyard is located in the Santa Lucia Mountains of Monterey County, CA.

Climate and proximity to Monterey Bay make for slow and gentle ripening—ideal for developing deep, vividly expressive Pinot Noir. Fruit from this site has a unique pomegranate color and notes of violet. Soberanes is owned and hand-farmed by Gary Pisoni and Gary Franscioni, who are incredibly selective about their winery partners. Twomey maintains a relationship with Pisoni and Franscioni that dates back to 2012.

Santa Lucia Highlands AVA

Two miles wide, Santa Lucia Highlands AVA is a 35-mile-long bench in Monterey County.

Fog and breeze from nearby Monterey Bay make this one of the coolest growing regions in California, though well-drained, granite-laden soils reflect the sun’s warmth in late mornings and afternoons.

Site and Farming


200-300 feet



Total Acreage

38 acres (2 Twomey acres)

Slope and Soil

Sloped, rolling hills with steep areas. Well-drained granite-laden and sandy loam soil reflect the sun’s warmth in the late mornings and afternoons.


Fog: The marine influence from the Monterey Bay is extremely important in keeping the vines hydrated. There is a fog that surrounds the vines each night, blowing out each morning.

Temperature: Extremely cool and arid. Average summer temperatures in the 70s.

Wind: Cool, windy afternoons

Grower Information

Partner grower


“Our Favorite California Wine Region (That No One Knows About)”—The Wall Street Journal

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